April 29, 2019
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ORANJESTAD – IMMARTIAL’s first official competition was a good one, but unfortunately not enough for IMMARTIAL’ first win. IMMARTIAL’ Robin Housen & coach Gideon Jonker travelled to Aruba to participate at an Amateur Boxing event “The King of Orange” on April 27th, 2019. IMMARTIAL was a part of Curacao delegation of four, the other delegation members were fighter Ginuwine Kwidama and his coach Edwin Baas.

There were in total 9 bouts and the Curacao delegation formed the Co-Main and Main event of the evening.

King of Orange

First, it is worthful to mention that the delegation was very well received, and the organization was also pretty good. There were in total 9 bouts and the Curacao delegation formed the Co-Main and Main event of the evening. Robin was the main event of the evening and that gives always a little bit more pressure than normal. Robin’ opponent Alrick Tromp has a little bit advantage in experience and he has his home audience. These facts were maybe even Robin’ real opponent instead of Alrick himself.

The first round both fighters were checking each other out, but Alrick was the one who took the lead in that round. Robin was still looking for the right tactics during the round, but that was not enough to get the round. In the 2nd round, Robin did not start focused and was a bit surprised by the pace of Alrick. As Robin does not have any difficulties with his condition, he was able to counter and taking the lead in offensive aspects too. This round was closed, but Robin started a bit too late and thus we believe that the 2nd round was also for Alrick. Due to the first two rounds, Robin needed an early stoppage in the 3rd and last round.

In the 3rd round Robin continued where he ended in the 2nd round. Alrick was tired and Robin was finally dominating the round. Robin was very alert and noticed some weaknesses at Alrick defense, which resulted in a knock down by a beautiful left (short) hook. The referee started counting, stopped at 8, but then gave Alrick more time to recover. It is normal to check the fighter’ condition, but that needs to happen within the 8 count. Unfortunately, the referee did not count till 10, but instead waited and continue the fight. Whether or not Alrick was able to continue, more important was that due to this situation the referee took away the momentum at Robin. Therefore, Robin did not continue putting pressure on Alrick, but when he did, Alrick gets his 2nd knock down. The referee once again stopped counting at 8, but this time he was much faster by continuing the bout. Robin needed one more knock down for an early stoppage, which unfortunately did not happen and therefore the 1st price stayed in Aruba this time.

Of course, it was a disappointment, but Gideon is very proud of Robin, as he once again showed that he is a true fighter. This event was a great experience and we have seen a lot of points of improvement, which was IMMARTIAL’ main goal for this bout. A win is always nice, but if we don’t get the win, then we would like to do it like this. So, we are ready for the next one. Maybe June 1st, if there will be an opponent for Robin Housen and Krishona Juliana.

Thank you very much for your support during the preparations, the cheers via social media etc. We hope to get back into a ring/ octagon soon, stay tuned for updates.

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