Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts most famous organisation is the UFC and many non-practitioners think that UFC is actually the name of the sport, whilst it is MMA. If you are familiar with the UFC or any other international promotion, without practicing it yourself, then you may imagine how popular this sport actually is.

MMA is one of the most intensive sports in the world, as you need to know at least more than the basics of, for instance, Kickboxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and/ or Wrestling. To train these few disciplines you need to put a lot of time and effort into training, in order to call yourself a MMA-athlete. Obviously you can go into an octagon/ ring with just kickboxing for a MMA – competition, but if the opponent is aware of your lack in experience on the ground, he/ she will most likely not even throw one punch. If that happens, you need to survive on the ground without knowledge and that will cost a lot of energy  in combination with no ground experience there is a big chance you will learn (it is either win or learn).

The MMA classes at IMMARTIAL will always be a mix of standing and the ground game, and of course working from standing to the ground (so called take downs). But we will focus 70% on the ground game, as you can go to one of our Thai kickboxing classes too, to get used to the standing game.

Please feel free to join us at a MMA or any other class at IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre.


Our MMA classes will be available soon at our new location. Please feel free to join either our Kickboxing Classes or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/ No Gi Grappling Class instead.







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