Marleen Van Den Boom van Vught

Thank you Gideon for all your pep-talks, fanaticism, humor, and always maintaining your professionalism. And Robin thank you that I never “passed away” during your training sessions.


V.A. Pinedo
Asst. General Manager

This is bigger then “Just” getting in shape to look good, but rather time for me to get healthier both body and mind. I have felt soare and tired every day this week, but feeling better then I have in a long time.

Jenna Pieternella
Marketing Assistant

After years of “I’m going to try out this gym thing one more time” and not enjoying it what so ever, i am loving the variation kickboxing offers at IMMARTIAL! Except for learning techniques we are also having fun during classes, thanks to the amazing instructors.

Jo-Ann Martis
"Professional" Kickboxer

I highly recommend taking one on one personal trainings at Immartial. I take kickboxing classes mainly to stay fit, however we also get to learn about all the kickboxing techniques, which is also a plus for me! Gideon is a great trainer and has a lot of patience.

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