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IMMARTIAL - Athlete Centre provide Thai/ Kickboxing & MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) classes under the best circumstances. The trainers are very professional and have all a history at Dutch finest masters. IMMARTIAL has classes for beginners, intermediate and advance/ competitions fighters, thus for everybody a change to experience the IMMARTIAL style.



IMMARTIAL - Athlete Centre is the all round centre for all atlethes. With our Functional Training possibilities in a group or private sessions, we make sure that each person will perform better. This could be in daily life, but as well at sports. We work with all our members side by side to make sure that each one of you will reach your goal!



At IMMARTIAL we are a team. but we focus on the individual as well. One of our main goals is that each individual will develop themself, but as well feeling healthier, more confident etc. Come and train with us and experience the individual progression at IMMARTIAL.



IMMARTIAL offers the best facility and trainers for the competition fighter. IMMARTIAL is the example, that even though an athlete will be alone in the ring/ octagon, but there is always a whole IMMARTIAL army behind each athlete before, during and after a competition.

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Heavy Bag HIIT workout

Punching Bags only at IMMARTIAL is a class for everybody. No contact other than with the punching bag. High Intensity Interval Training, including Kickboxing Techniques and more!

Duration 60 minutes
From ANG 60 per month

Muay Thai-Kickboxing for Adults

At our new location the newest and cleanest Dojo! Muay Thai Kickboxing classes given with Dutch finest techniques. We had/ have trainers from the following backgrounds: Chakuriki, Matuari, Kamakura.  Basics will be a huge element of these classes. And to finish it, we will add some sparring sessions to it. This can be done on our mats, or in our professional boxing ring.

Duration 60/ 75 minutes
From ANG 60 per month

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/ No-Gi Grappling

BJJ is one of the fastest growing Martial Art in the world. BJJ at IMMARTIAL is a collaboration with the only black belt on the island sensei Chris Tjon from Medina Grappling. One of his student and purple belt Fernando Huguett will be IMMARTIAL’ BJJ head coach.

Duration 90 minutes
From ANG 60 per month

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is a sport whereby all kind of Martial Arts can be used. At IMMARTIAL we focus on the strongest characteristics for standing, take downs (& defense) and a ground game. Our MMA classes exist out of combining different group classes to make sure you will put enough time in different disciplines. Every Friday at our open mats you get the possibility to mix it together and practice MMA as a pro.

Duration 60 minutes
From ANG 60 per month

Martial Arts for children

KIDSMARTIAL in the best facility and under the safest circumstances. IMMARTIAL follows the international developments with regards to safety in this branch thoroughly.

At this class will teach the kids basics of several disciplines such as, but not limited to, Kickboxing, Judo, BJJ, Boxing, Grappling. And of course always some time for fun!

Duration 60 minutes
From ANG 60 per month

Judo Kids

IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre offers also JUDO for kids. Judo could be considered as one of the most known Martial Arts for kids by their parents.  The safe and fun martial art for kids.

Duration 60 minutes
From ANG 60 per month

Circuit Training

IMMARTIAL’ Circuit workout is one of Curacao’s most dynamic class. The original IMMARTIAL circuits are perfect for Strenght & Conditioning. We continue a full 60 minutes with all kind of exercises. Once you start, you will not quit!

Duration 60 minutes
From ANG 60 per month


BOX HIIT is IMMARTIAL’ most dynamic class there is. It’s jumping, squats, jumping jacks, push ups, heavy bag, kettle bells, you name it. All under guidance of a nice beat and a great trainer! Like many other training options we focus on the TRX philosophy.

Duration 60 minutes
From ANG 60 per month

Strength & Conditioning

IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre offers you an unlimited contract for your Strength & Conditioning training. This also includes personal guidance during your training session. You need to us if you wish to come and we make sure there is somebody to work together with you towards your goal. Just let us know what you want and we setup a personal training for you every day!

Duration till your drop
From:  ANG 105 per month

ABS, Booty & Legs only

IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre now also has a class with a special focus on the ABS, BOOTY & LEGS. These are specific body parts who now and then may needs some extra attention. In this group class we would like to help you with it and thus, one hour long only ABS, BOOOOOTY & LEGS! Are you curious? Come and join us this hour as soon as possible.

Duration 60 min
From ANG 60 per month

Personal Training

IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre offers you many different types of Training possibilities against the best rates and under the best circumstances.

From Padswork, Heavybag, Cardio, Strength & Conditioning or just combine them all!

Duration 30 or 60 minutes
From ANG 150 per month (30 minutes)

What skills

Will you improve?

Kickboxing or MMA is one of the best full body workout with many other benefits there is. If you don’t like the contact, just go to one of our kickboxing cardio classes or our Circuit workouts. If you combine all our classes, then you definitely can consider your lifestyle as healthy. Please see here below few advantages for all our available classes.

  • Reduce Stress. You can kick and punch your way to a stress-free zone within minutes of your high-energy kickboxing routine
  • Boost Confidence Levels
  • Improved Coordination
  • Burn Mega Calories
  • Ideal HIIT-Training Workout
  • Energy Boost
  • Better Posture

Next to the above, we also provide the best facilities and guidance for the competition athlete, for any sport.

Just come and visit us and make use of all our benefits at one of our classes.

  • rapidity
  • reaction
  • impact force
  • endurance
  • tactics
  • strength
  • performance enhancement

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About us

IMMARTIAL in short

  • Experienced trainers
    IMMARTIAL takes quality very serious and thus has always experienced trainers in house, but more important the trainers needs to have much more in house than just knowing the sport!
  • Comfortable Facilities
    IMMARTIAL offers you the best training facilities for all type of athletes. Outside the training area's at our NEW location (June 2019) we will have a nice bar, clean dressing rooms and sanitary.
  • Reasonable prices
    IMMARTIAL believes that training should be possible for everybody. Therefore we focus on the best price quality experience for all our (future) members.
  • Effective workouts
    IMMARTIAL' workouts are always very effective and the time will be effectively used as well. Whether you follow group classes or one of our personal training sessions.
  • Individual approach
    IMMARTIAL stands for quality and an individual approach contribute to that as well. Everybody belongs to the IMMARTIAL family, but we are aware that everybody is also an individual.
  • Professional
    IMMARTIAL has since day one a professional appearance, and will continue with that approach. We always try to be professional in its widest sense, so we also focus in unity with regards to our outfits for trainers, fighters and shirts for our members.




Our classes

Choose your plan


ANG 60
  • One group class per week
  • Flexible class selection per week
  • Free IMMARTIAL Club App
  • Monthly Fee
  • Personal training

For the average

ANG 65
  • Two group classes per week
  • Flexible class selection per week
  • Free IMMARTIAL Club App
  • Monthly Fee
  • Personal training

Back in shape

ANG 70
  • Three group classes per week
  • Flexible class selection per week
  • Free IMMARTIAL Club App
  • Monthly Fee
  • Personal training

About to enter the ring/ octagon

ANG 75
  • Four group classes per week
  • Flexible class selection per week
  • Free IMMARTIAL Club App
  • Monthly fee
  • Personal training


ANG 105
  • Unlimited Strength & Conditioning
  • Free IMMARTIAL Club App
  • Monthly fee
  • Semi Personal training at the Gym
  • Personal Training
  • Group Classes


ANG 80
  • UNLIMITED group classes per week
  • Flexible class selection per week
  • Free IMMARTIAL Club App
  • Monthly fee
  • More benefits (i.e. free off schedule classes)
  • Personal training


ANG 130
  • Unlimited group classes per week
  • Unlimited Strength & Conditioning
  • Flexible class selection per week
  • Free IMMARTIAL Club App
  • Monthly fee
  • Semi Personal training at the Gym
  • Personal Training

Personal Training

ANG 200 - 720
  • One group class per week
  • Free IMMARTIAL Club App
  • Personal training
  • Free coffee
  • Monthly fee

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Register HERE and download the IMMARTIAL app to make use of all benefits as a member, class reservations, news and other benefits. If your questions are not showed in the app, just visit us or send us an email.


What our clients say

Marleen Van Den Boom van Vught

Thank you Gideon for all your pep-talks, fanaticism, humor, and always maintaining your professionalism. And Robin thank you that I never "passed away" during your training sessions.  

V.A. Pinedo

This is bigger then “Just” getting in shape to look good, but rather time for me to get healthier both body and mind. I have felt soare and tired every day this week, but feeling better then I have in a long time.

Jenna Pieternella

After years of “I’m going to try out this gym thing one more time” and not enjoying it what so ever, i am loving the variation kickboxing offers at IMMARTIAL! Except for learning techniques we are also having fun during classes, thanks to the amazing instructors.

Our Staff

Meet our coaches

IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre offers you the best all round trainers and we are always looking for trainers who are willing to join our team!

Chris Elliott

Thai Kickboxing/ Mixed Martial Arts

Gideon Jonker

Kick/ Thaiboxing, TRX, Functional Training & Cardio

D’Angelo Felida

Strength & Conditioning

Fernando Huguett

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

HONOR Promotions & Management
Monster Energy
Domi-Nique Creative State of Mind
Jonker Sports Management
BAMM Fight Gear
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