JUDOKIDS is a not to miss class for kids and their parents. Judo is one of the most well known martial arts there is among parents.  Judo is definitely the right choice for a child to get in touch with martial arts.

JUDOKIDS is a discipline whereby the kids are getting in touch with gravity in several ways. Droppings falls, “flying”, throwing you name it. Because of these drills, techniques and exercises a child know how to react when something in a sudden occurs while playing or anywhere else. Martial Arts in general, which includes judo as well, is always good for the development of a child, also mentally.

What we do differently is that we approach each kid individually, as it is more than a physical sport. We also believe that sports in general is always good and give the kids an extra focus when you have exams or during any other busy period. It is stress relieving and it could increase school performances too.

We will stress that this is a sport and it is not allowed to use outside the Dojo.





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