IMMARTIAL’  unique class

At this unique class of IMMARTIAL we will focus on the ABS, BOOTY & LEGS only. Every week different type of exercises, but we will make sure those body parts will be used and felt!

This class can be given in different ways, which makes every class unique, exiting and always with a lot of fun. Our trainers will come with the best exercises for you and as you can expect, with the best service & guidance.

After this class will feel the results, but as always you need to repeat to see it. You don’t need to wait a whole week though, just try one of our other group classes as well.

Our ABL class is good for:

  • Injury free exercises
  • Increase day-to-day performances
  • Tone your ABS, BOOTY & LEGS
  • You will better after the class
  • A returning call: Weight loss

And many more reasons to join this killer workout!

Founder Gideon Jonker added this class to the schedule March 2020. The class is always wanted, as these are one of the most attractive body parts a human body has.



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