In case you don’t like to have contact with your fellow training partner(s), then Cardio Kickboxing is the best solution for you.

At this moment we offer Punching Bags classes, which is one of the best workout in the world with regards to cardio. This class is one hour of fun, with a pretty high pace (off course your own highest pace) doing combination on the punching bag, but as well exercises with your own body weight. Think about push ups, sit ups, squats etc.


Using the punching bag for workouts not only promotes muscle growth but also provides an intense level of cardio and aerobic exercise and can be augmented by adding footwork to your session. Depending on your body weight you can burn from 500 to 1000 or more calories while toning your muscles during a 60 minutes session.


If you wish to know more about the style Thai/ Kickboxing, then you need to follow our Thai/ Kickboxing classes. At our temporary location we go through the basic techniques at our punching classes as well, but as soon as we move we add Thai/ Kickboxing classes to our program for techniques. Click HERE for more information about Thai/ Kickboxing classes at IMMARTIAL.






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