A. General

  1. Each member shall have the right to participate in competitions, but only after consultation with trainer and member or in case of youth with the parent of the member. Participation in competitions is not a requirement;
  2. The clothing must be clean and the club derives the right to prohibit any type of clothing;
  3. Wearing jewelry / piercings and clothing with zippers or pockets is prohibited;
  4. All nails should be kept short;
  5. Wearing footwear is permitted in the case of boxing, only footwear approved by IMMARTIAL is allowed;
  6. Wearing protection is required during training and competitions. During training that means gloves, foot protectors and shin guards.  During sparring it should also include mouthpiece, groin protection and helmet (optional);
  7. Kids under 16 needs to wear a helmet as well, in case they wish to want to participate with sparring session with connection to the head;
  8. Each new candidate athlete can join a training session against a try-out fee what is applicable at that time.  If applicable the amount will be settled with the (monthly) fee as soon as the person decided to become a member;
  9. IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre aims to have the best (international) results as possible on competitions, but always with a friendly and medical responsible manner;
  10. Competition clothing/ equipment can be prescribed and additional costs may incur;
  11. If there is no instructor present, you start your own warming up;
  12. Members must be on time;
  13. Each member must be in possession of his/ her own equipment, except those for a try-out lesson.
  14. Each member needs to check-in before entering the gym area.
  15. Reservations for each class are preferred, without a reservation the members who did make a reservation have priority to join the class.
  16. IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre is independent, but they can provide training to third parties outside the Dojo.

B. Discipline and suspensions

  1. Discipline: The member should behave in and outside the club appropriately, any form of aggression is prohibited and may result in exclusion from the club without a refund of the membership fee paid;
  2. The club reserves the right to refuse a member on basis of an aggressive criminal background;
  3. Each member shall take care of other members and knows that light contact only is allowed on training with the exception of competition training after mutual consent of the two members and the trainer. During competitions full & hard contact is allowed;
  4. Each member must always respect the coaches and other members both inside and outside the club;
  5. Classes will not be interrupted in the event of disagreement. Disagreements are discussed after training;
  6. Drug use is strictly prohibited and leads automatically to exclusion from the club;
  7. It is forbidden to take part in the training if alcohol use is determined;
  8. Failure to comply with the house rules may result in suspension and/ or exclusion from the club;
  9. Each member shall respect IMMARTIAL’ accommodation and environment.

C. Insurance and Membership

  1. Application must be accompanied by showing an ID and a picture will be taken for administration purposes (optional);
  2. To be a member all payment obligations should have been met;
  3. The application document must be correct and completed with a (online/ digital) signature by the member and in case of a minor by a parent or guardian. Acknowledgement of school with schools signature can be required;
  4. The member declares to be in such healthy condition that member would be in order to participate;
  5. The monthly membership fee needs to be paid up front, before or on the fifth business day of a new month. Quarterly, semiannually or annually payments are preferred;
  6. Membership fee can be adjusted any time of the year by the Management;
  7. The fee on the website serves as the current rates for each month;
  8. IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre nor the trainers can be held liable for injuries or consequences of accidents or damage of goods during training and in or around the Gym or other training locations;
  9. Participation in the training is at your own risk;
  10. Each member must have a valid health insurance if no health insurance could be showed the member can be excluded from training, or need to stress that the member is aware of the (financial) risks and is self-responsible for all consequences;
  11. Early leave from the club is only possible at the knowledge of the Board and only a part of the contribution can be reimbursed. This is only possible if the member can give a valid reason such as illness, moving, and if it can be substantiated.
  12. Member cancellation has no notice period, but unpaid debts remain until collected. New membership will not be accepted until outstanding debts has been paid.

D. Exams (optional)

  1. Each member is entitled to participate in the exams if the period, number of training are sufficient and/ or after consultation of the trainers involved;
  2. The exam program (if applicable can be earned as soon as the payment of the membership fee and additional costs for the belt (or something similar) are paid;
  3. Upon success of the examinations, a diploma and the corresponding belt (or something similar) will be handed over;
  4. Participation in exams may be against an additional fee;
  5. The exams are two times a year in May and November. Joining after February 1 and August 1 mean no participation in the first upcoming exam;
  6. The above is subject to change from time to time.
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