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IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre was founded by Gideon Jonker in the 2nd half of 2018.  At the end of 2018 Robin Housen joined the team and together, we focus on each athlete and their goal(s), whether it is during a personal training, small groups or even in a larger groups. And after each training we give all our members the possibility to relax have a nice chat and off course a nice cup of coffee.

Before IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre, founder, Gideon Jonker, was active in the financial services branche and with his financial background and investor and management skills he has already proven that he is capable to setup a successful gym. At IMMARTIAL Gideon will now also be involved in the training development program together with several trainers to maintain the quality. We already showed in the kickBOX (our temporary location) that our approach is well received and we can’t wait to welcome you and give you an IMMARTIAL experience in the newest gym of Curacao.

At IMMARTIAL we treat everybody equally and therefore everybody will become a part of the IMMARTIAL family. We focus on all your personal goals whether your are a recreational practitioner, competition athlete and or something in between. As it is called, we are an Athlete Centre, which means all type of athletes are welcome to work on their individual skills.

“At IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre, it is about YOU and not about us!”

  • rapidity
  • reaction
  • impact force
  • endurance
  • tactics
  • strength
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Monster Energy
Jonker Sports Management
BAMM Fight Gear

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