What does IMMARTIAL means?

IMMARTIAL can be used in many ways, which makes the name even more special.

The most important one and the basis of IMMARTIAL’ name, comes from the owners roots. He is a Moluccas descendant and to be exact from a very small island called the Babar Islands and from the village Tela. His mother’s family name is Imlabla, which means in their native language “House of Stone”. All families from the village Tela and their family name start with “IM” are related to each other, as they are all descendant from the Impipy family tree. Impipy means “House of a Cow”. You might already figure out what “IM” means, namely “House”. IMMARTIAL means “House of Martial (arts)”.  And all athletes are welcome to enter the house, which is also a part of the Moluccas culture.

IMMARTIAL can also be seen as I’M MARTIAL and that is exactly what we want to achieve. That YOU as a member are indeed a part of our family, so every athlete can say it with proud “I’M MARTIAL”

Most persons who are interested in Martial Arts and in particular MMA, will see directly in the brand name the letters iMMAartial, which indeed can be related to Mixed Martial Arts. So without getting into detail, the brand name IMMARTIAL will directly be associated with the correct sports.

At IMMARTIAL we will not only do classes related to Martial Arts. IMMARTIAL also means “Unwarlike”. The other classes we offer are indeed unwarlike and has nothing to do with Martial Arts, other than that it could make a Martial Artist fitter & stronger, but you don’t have to be a Martial Artists to join those classes and to like it. So once again the brand name IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre, will be again associated with the corrects sports.

So if you have read this till the end, you have something to talk about at a social event :).

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