Gideon Jonker

Owner & Trainer

Age: 38
Experience: 18 years
Specialization: Dutch Kickboxing & Functional Training

    About Gideon

    Gideon started kickboxing at the age of 21 at one of Dutch finest full contact gyms, Matuari – Gaya Tulis (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). At that time Gideon trained with many champions (Gerold Mamadeus, Youssef Akhnikh, Redouan Cairo to mention a few), who teached him the art of Thai/ Kickboxing. Owner & Trainer Chris Tulis is known of his techniques and until today that is still the basis and a huge part in Gideon’s training.

    Gideon was about to have his first fight representing Matuari, but an unfortunate situation during training caused him a dislocated knee. Which happened more often than once and had to postpone his first ring experience. After Gideon moved to Haarlem (NL), he trained for a short period at Riduan El Assrouti from Gym Haarlem and when he moved to Curacao he started training at Baas Sports by Edwin Baas. Gideon made his debut at the age of 31 in a boxing match and has fought a total of just 4 fights in his “career”.

    Due to a damaged hip, Gideon was not able to continue with competition, but his experience, knowledge from above mentioned gyms, people skills are very useful as a trainer. Gideon started teaching at Baas Sports and it was well received by most of the practitioners. After a while Gideon started his own gym (PRO-FIT Curacao) with a former sparring partner, who knows Gideon as the only one who hit him hard with a liver punch. Gideon’ management, financial & marketing experience including his Martial Arts experience was the best combination for a successful gym. He left the financial offshore industry behind and started full time in the Martial Industry, including being a promoter (HONOR Fight League) and sports management (Jonker Sports Management).

    Due to a change in vision, Gideon decided to leave PRO-FIT and started IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre, whereby the focus will be on quality, a “house” where everybody will be treated equally and where everybody is welcome. Respect is the backbone of IMMARTIAL and one of the reason for existence and continuity.

    Gideon goes at least once a year to another well respected gym to educate himself. Some of the gyms/ trainers he trained with are:
    Paul Lamoth (trainer Andy Souwer)
    Mousid Gym Amsterdam
    Tatsujin Dojo by Martijn de Jong
    Matuari by Chris Tulis
    Youssefit by Youssef Aknikh
    Ajuau & Etta Gym by Mohammed Ajuau and Mohammed Etta
    FFC by Lucien Carbin
    Moluccan Fighters by several Moluccan prof fighters like Mika Tahitu, Vincent Latoel, Noah Apituley, Mattieu Lawalata and many more.


    Started at Matuari – Gaya Tulis in Amsterdam (Netherlands) around 2001 and could be considered as his base.

    Also trained at Gym Haarlem by Riduan El Assrouti for a short period.

    When he moved to Curacao he continued at Baas Sports by Edwin Baas.

    Training “practise sessions” during his holidays at:

    Tatsujin Netherlands by Martijn de Jong, Youssefit by Youssef Akhnikh, Ajuau & Etta Gym by Mohamed Ajuau & Mohamed Etta, FFC by Lucien Carbin

    Gideon started in 2016 with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the guidance of Black Belt degree holder Chris Tjon from Medina Grappling Association in Curacao. Gideon is currently a 3rd degree white belt and hope to add more stripes soon.

    At Medina he also started to train grappling and MMA in addition to BJJ.

    During his holidays some practise sessions at:

    Tatsujin Netherlands by Martijn de Jong, Vincent Latoel and/ or Marciano Clare.

    10th Planet Amsterdam by Daniel de Bruin

    Background skills

    Management 100%
    Thai/ Kickboxing 90%
    MMA 40%
    BJJ 35%
    Grappling 35%
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