Chris Elliott

Thai Kickboxing trainer

Age: 26
Experience: 8 years
Specialization: Muay Thai Kickboxing                                 
Achievements:  WKF Caribbean Champion -72.5kg

    About Chris

    Christopher (Chris) Elliott is 26 years old and, born in Jamaica and raised in Curacao. Chris is besides a trainer one of the biggest talent on the island with regards to fighting as a kickboxer and Mixed Martial Arts.

    Chris is practicing the sports since 9 years now and started giving classes next to his own training. One word about his classes: ENERGIZED. He makes sure you will sweat and get tired during the class with a great doses of fun and humor.

    He is also available for Personal Training sessions, and he could be considered as one of the best pads holders on the island as well. If you don’t believe any of the above, just come and check it out yourself. Don’t be scared to be tired :).

    In 2023 Chris won his first championship belt and he is eager to win more of those!


    Started with Kickboxing at the age of 17 and short after did Mixed Martial Arts as well. He is still an active competition fighters and could be considered as a very talented athlete.

    Chris is also working at “De Gouverneur” in Curacao as a waiter. Even at De Gouverneur is one of the not to miss hardworking employee.

    Every Monday you can find Chris at the movies with his friends. We are not always sharing the same thoughts about whether it was a good movie or not, but at least he (should) knows about movies.


    Thai Kickboxing 100%
    Waiter 70%
    Going to the movies 60%
    Being late 50%
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