Pablo Platier Luna

Head Judo Coach

Age: 29
Experience: 20 years
Specialization: Judo

    About Pablo

    Pablo Platier Luna is 29 years old and, born and raised in the Netherlands and coming from a real Judo family. Since October 2017, after finishing his study he moved to Curaçao. Since then he has been working as a physical education teacher, which he loves to do and have the intention to stay for years on Curaçao.

    In the Netherlands he has practiced judo starting from the age of 6th at “Budo Verening Hantei in Oldenzaal” and he continued until his 18th birthday. Due to his study he stopped practicing Judo since. In the 12 years of being an active Judoka, he participated at many national & international competitions. During the years he became a black belt (2006), and he has a diploma to teach judo. Since his 16th he teaches judo to children till 15 years of age at Budo Vereniging Hantei and at several schools.

    Pablo is not only enjoying judo; he has a lot of hobbies and one of his biggest hobby is sports in general. Next to Judo he loves to do football, mountain biking, running and freediving. He also loves to travel, and he really can enjoy some relaxing snorkeling sessions or just enjoying any sea experience, such as scuba diving. He has a rescue diver certificate, and, in the future, he is flirting with the idea of being a part time diving instructor.


    Pablo will start Judokids at September 2019 and we are IMMARTIAL are very happy to welcome Pablo who comes from a real Judo family.


    Started Judo at the age of 6th at “Budo Vereniging Hantei Oldenzaal” in the Netherlands. He competed till is 18th, but stopped due to his study. All his brothers also practiced Judo, so he is coming from a real Judo family.

    Next to his study he continued teaching Judo to kids until he moved to Curacao (2017).

    Pablo received his black-belt back in 2006 and he also has a certificate for teaching Judo.

    Pablo has a bachelor degree from the ALO Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen. And he is using that by being (among others) a Physical Education Teacher, where he started short after his move to Curacao.

    Moving to Curacao was just one of his best decisions, as he loves all activities around and in the sea.

    If you would like to relax after one of our training sessions and you need a snorkeling guide and a free dive partner, well he is your man. He knows some very nice spots and is a trained free diver too.


    Judo 100%
    Physical Education Teacher 95%
    Snorking/ Freediving 60%
    Diving 50%
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