Glenda Poeder

Muay Thai - Kickboxing

Age: 51
Experience: 35+ years
Specialization: Muay Thai – Kickboxing

About Glenda

Former Dutch & European Champion

Glenda Poeder resides in Curacao and has over 25 years of experience teaching kickboxing and Muay Thaiboxing.

Glenda started in August 2019 at IMMARTIAL and during her classes, both disciplines will be combined which will result in the ultimate combination for standing combat sports. Next to a warm-up, the class consist mainly out of technique-training with a partner and there will almost no sparring. Which makes this class very popular at beginners and intermediate practitioners who are not used to contact yet but love to go into techniques.

The minimum age to participate Glenda’ class is 16 years and it will be a class for both women and men. There is no maximum age, and everyone is welcome. During our meetings, Glenda made herself very clear that if talented persons are willing to enter the ring in the future, they will get (& need) special competition training. However, it only applies if it turns out that the athlete/ fighter is serious with training and shows RESPECT to the (accompanying) teacher. The board of trainers will at the end decide whether he/ she will be prepared for the ring.


In her younger years, Glenda Poeder was a competition fighter and have entered the ring many times in and outside the Netherlands during the 80’s. She has several titles among others the Dutch and European Champion titles under the wings of one of Dutch most well-known schools, Chakuriki. This was during the time that Dutch Kickboxing was created. At many of her events she made her presence between well-known kick-boxers such as, Ramon “the Diamond” Dekker (RIP), Mousid Akhamrane, Ernesto HoostAndre Mannaart and many more. These are currently one of the best trainers in the world.

Glenda is educated as a Sensei and she is known as a technical teacher who knows the tricks of the arts very well. She is one of the few female Muay Thai/Kick boxing teachers on Curacao and we are happy that Glenda is a part of IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre’ team! 


We can make a whole long story about Glenda Poeder’ history, but she does not like to go into much details.

But, we can say that if you have trained in the 80’s under the wings of Chakuriki, you may assume that she is one of a kind. Chakuriki is one of the oldest gym in the Netherlands and one of the developers of the Dutch Kickboxing.

Glenda has entered the ring many times and at that time she fought on the same card as many legends, such as Ramon “the Diamond” Dekkers (RIP), Ernesto Hoost, Andre Mannaart, Mousid Akhamrane and many more. All these aforementioned fighters are now well respected trainers with already many champions, so we are happy that Glenda is a part of IMMARTIAL!


Muay Thaiboxing 100%
Kickboxing 100%
Coaching 95%
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